Acrylic built up letters at trade prices direct to the public!

So what is a built up letter?

In the sign trade you have a couple of different types of letter, flat cuts & built ups. Flat cuts are simply letters cut from a sheet substrate such as acrylic or Aluminium Composite, usually in 3mm or 5mm thickness, then these are placed on locators  or self adhesive tape for fitting to your signboard or wall.

Built ups differ in the way that they can be produced with what we call “returns” or sides so that the letter overall is thicker or deeper, and makes for a more pronounced letter shape that stands out a lot more than just a simple flat cut letter. The built up letters can either be non illuminated, or illuminated with LED modules, either inside the letter or to the rear of the letter to create a halo effect or maybe both where you could have a white letter face, with a red halo effect for example to make the lettering really stand out.

Below are some examples of the type of letter we do, we are also tooling up for letters with stainless steel returns and acrylic faces, full stainless steel built ups aren’t available yet, but maybe towards the end of 2018 as we re-invest in more equipment and tooling.

For any pricing as regards built up letters please ring us on 08000 582680 or 07564465959