We now offer acrylic sign letters by mail order, allowing you to fit them yourselves and save yourself some money.

For example a sign consisting of up to 7 acrylic letters at 500mm height could cost anything from £400 to £500 fitted by your local sign company, whereas 7 acrylic ‘sign letters’ at 500mm high would only cost around just over £100 plus postage (£4.95-£10-50 size dependent) thus saving you quite a bit of money.

Fitting is really easy and every set of sign letters comes with a sign fitting template, allowing you to get your letter placings exactly where you want them.

Also the service doesn’t stop there we are at the end of a phone line most times of the day, should you need any help with how you fit your sign letters.

Free design

Not sure how to go about sizing your sign letters? simply give us a ring on 07564465959 or even better, email us on : and tell us the size of your signboard and what you want writing on it, and we will do you a quick layout drawing and set your letters to size allowing for background space which is very important to how your sign is read, and this is free of charge.

Font types.

Some fonts aren’t suitable for cut out letters due to the width of the stroke of the sign letter, and you will be advised of this when you send us details of the font type you require, and we may offer a suggestion of a replacement font type of a similar style which will work better.

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Contact Us

The best way to make contact is simply give us a call on 07564 465959 to have a brief chat on what you require, then email us on: with any details of your sign or sign letters you need then we can give you an initial quote for the letters, and if your in our fitting area a fitting price as well if you need it.

Ebay Listings

We also sell a lot of sign letters on eBay, if you would like to get a general idea of our letter prices you will find a couple of listings on there with prices, simply

visit this link